Heather Vahn, an exotic stunner with dark hair and eyes, has a good life. She’s got a lucrative job; her gorgeous face tops a tight, trim figure (big, perky boobs and comely butt contrasting her tiny tummy), and she’s ready to marry handsome fiancé Cody. She loves her him, but there’s a part of her personality Heather knows Cody could never accept. The beautiful vixen explains that she’s always been a bit naughty, and Cody likes the part of that he sees in the bedroom. But there’s a whole other level he knows nothing about: Heather’s passion for sex with strangers. She loves her ability to make men crazy, and part of the thrill is the thought of getting caught! But Heather has taken her kink too far. Her big mistake was sleeping with her fiancé’s best friend, Brad, who turns out to be quite a creep. Overcome by her sexy beauty and lust, Brad wants to turn their one-night stand into an affair. All Heather wanted was the short-term thrill of cheating with a new partner and the perverse risk of taking on someone that could expose her wicked ways to her fiancé. So before Brad can rat her out, she rejects his advances, ignores his calls and tries to distance him from Cody. With the boys out at a basketball game, Heather has a chance for some of her private cheating fun, but she’s unaware that obsessive Brad has hidden a camera in her bedroom! After the affair, Brad is through being nice. The menacing creep confronts Heather with video evidence of her cheating and threatens to tell Cody. It’s blackmail — in exchange for his silence, Brad demands more of the intoxicating sex the deceitful, thrill-seeking vixen spreads around. Heather objects, but succumbs. As she sucks his huge, fat erection, conflicted Heather admits that she likes it, but feels awful about being coerced into more sinful fucking. His prick pounds her throat to slobbery gagging. When he spanks her hot ass (framed by faint bikini lines), she reminds him not to leave marks. Her hot butt bounces and grinds as she rides Brad’s meat, moaning and pressing her boobs into his chest. He carry-fucks her and manhandles her to ecstasy. Heather can’t deny the look in her eye — she’s thrilled, but disgusted to be manipulated. In a passionate, multi-position grudge-fuck, she proclaims her hatred for the evil blackmailer. Over her objections, Brad ejaculates on Heather. She squints her eyes closed as semen floods her face and tits. “Fuck you, Brad,” says Heather. “Mess up my engagement, my face, my comfort, my pussy. Fuck you, Brad.”